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Trainings and education

trainings and educationEvery training/education programme is created in accordance to clients' requirements and needs.

  • managerial skills trainings
  • trainings for sales representatives
  • effective communication
  • computer skills training
  • stress management
  • motivation/incentive programmes

Creative teambuilding

The main goal is to increase loyalty and motivation of employees through positive emotional experience.

Fun, team and team spirit. This unique type of teambuilding usually takes one or two days and is designated for 10 up to 600 people.

Building a team and acquiring new knowledge via a special-purpose games that participants can put into practice and, finally, they get an experience that is connected to the acquired knowledge.

  • motivation games (incentive games)
  • problem solving games
  • team building games
  • experiential education
  • outdoor events
  • city outdoor
  • incentive trips


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